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We really prefer face to face meetings and getting to know your business, but meanwhile, take a look at our story

Our story begins in 2017 when the company was born out of a lifetime friendship of two associates, Tudor, with more than 10 years of experience in advertising production and Roland, with 10 years of experience in management and logistics.

We are preoccupied with design and new challenges in terms of logistics and production. As a personal project, we have invested in printing and various materials and that has proven to be a success with our customers. That was tremendously rewarding to us!

Because we are aesthetically perfectionists, we do not ignore your requirements and ideas and we provide you with the professional experience we have to create together the cool space you have been planning for so long.

Roland Czugh

Roland Czugh Co-Founder

With over 10 years of experience in logistics and management, advertising production has emerged as an opportunity for my personal development. In a constant quest for “something new,” I am enjoying the continuing challenges that are part of this dynamic, challenging field where “routine” is a totally absent word.

Tudor Hossu

Tudor Hossu Co-Founder

In contact with advertising for over 25 years, I practically grew up in advertising. The actual experience for advertising production is about 10 years old and since then I learned everything about big prints, decorations, montages, print files, page layouts, optimization and so on.

Matei Ionut

Gyozo Bazso (Dodo)

I want to think about myself as an inspired photographer, overwhelmed by people’s daily activities and nature’s beauty. I feel this domain is the perfect one to see real actions and feelings transformed into memorable pieces of design. I can mix my photography passion with the imitative arts field in which I’ve been since high school.

Matei Ionut

Ovidiu Farcas  The one-man show

Well, I’m more into technical stuff, feeling the need to ensure the technical health of the materials. I can pass over the design and printing process and make sure the materials are good; no scratches, no broken systems, no cuts. I could have done this anywhere but in the printing field I get to play with rulers, frameworks, materials caliber and the fun part starts with our large format printing.

Matei Ionut

Florina Vintan Growth Marketing

I can assure you that everything related to what ‘awareness’ means for every brand is about communicating and creating opportunities through visual, with no limits. In love with CRO and Web Analytics, for over 5 years focused on the growth of small/medium businesses. It’s a match: marketing and print services, a dream for content creators.